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Event agency in Malaga

Every event is a very special event to celebrate or launch a brand image. That’s why it’s important that it goes perfectly.Organizing a party, concert, a congress, convention or other type of event has its own difficulties. You have to be very organized and plan every last detail so that everything goes well.When you are responsible for creating a specific event, such as organizing conferences or corporate events for your company, you have a double task since not only your reputation will be marked by how the event goes, but also the brand you are representing.Hence the importance of always having professionals who know how to direct, plan and organize any type of event, who can advise you, get the best place to hold the event, mount it and always offering a budget at the best price.T&T Events is an event agency in Malaga with a lot of experience in managing and organizing all kinds of events, making each event unique.

Organization of events in Malaga

The organization of congresses and events, whether private or business, is a task that requires a great deal of planning so that everything goes smoothly.Before starting to plan corporate events for companies, a private party or a brand presentation, to give some basic examples, the first thing to consider is the objective you want to achieve.Each event or party has some characteristics that make it unique and, therefore, its own needs that appear according to the person who needs to organize the event and what you want to achieve with it.It is different the organization of private events whose objective is to entertain a specific person or to celebrate an achievement or family event or with friends, than to create an event whose purpose is to launch a brand, a product or to organize a convention or seminar for a particular sector.Each event has its own personality and this is what a good event organizer should achieve. Each client should be able to obtain the party, congress or event that he has in mind, which is characterized by having its own identity, thanks to which a successful event will be achieved that will more than achieve its main objective.

Event agency

Events require a lot of time and planning. In many occasions it is complicated to take that time to organize, to look for places to celebrate the event, the food, the music, the guests.In the organization of events every detail is very important to achieve success and therefore, devoting the time necessary to build an event as it is thought is very necessary.But in the stressful world we live in today, and with so many obligations, it is very difficult to find the time to dedicate to planning an event, no matter how important it is.For this reason, and because sometimes it is complicated to have the necessary resources to organize a congress or party that is up to the task, it is important to have professional help.Our event agency is in charge of managing, organizing and planning every detail to make your event the sensation of the year.We have enough experience to turn your idea into a reality, you only have to tell us what you have in mind and we will make that congress or private event that you need to make your superiors happy, launch your brand or make someone from your family or friends happy.

Events for companies

If there is one thing that is required when creating corporate events for companies, congresses or private parties, it is nerves of steel and tolerance of a frantic pace.The worry that everything will go well, especially when it is a corporate event for which you have to account to a superior at work, can be quite overwhelming for anyone.This concern can affect the health of a person who feels under a lot of stress from carrying out a very important event that can even affect his or her work status in the case of seeking a promotion.Organizing this kind of corporate event is a concern that will dissipate after the event.Why lose part of your health for a concern that will be timely when you can have an event agency by your side to help you organize the event of the year?All your worries and nerves about the event being perfect, both for your superiors and for the guests, will disappear with our help as professional and experienced event organizers.Our work in organizing congresses and events for companies includes having the necessary knowledge to be able to give you, as a client, the best places to hold your event, create the appropriate decoration, be aware of every detail so that no problems arise, put the best professionals at your disposal and, all with a budget that is adequate and adjusted to your needs.With our help you will get an exclusive event in which no element is missing that makes it possible to achieve objectives and that the congress becomes a success.

Wedding planner in Malaga

One of the most important events in many people’s lives, which marks a before and after in their lives, is the wedding day.Whether it is your own or that of a close relative, the day when someone decides to join their life with their better half, is a very happy moment for both the bride and groom and for the friends and family around them who will share this moment with them.For the bride and groom, organizing the wedding is exciting, but it can also be a headache because of the many things that need to be taken into account when organizing it.That’s why it’s important to start as soon as possible instead of leaving everything to the end, and also why it’s necessary to find professionals who can help you make your wedding the most special day of your life.It is important to find the ideal setting for a celebration of this importance, the food, the guests, the music, nothing can be left to chance, that is why at T&T Events we want to be close to you to offer you the wedding of your dreams.And to make your wishes come true you only have to tell us how you want this special day to unfold, tell us your ideas and dreams, good communication allows us to offer you the best personalized and high quality service.On this special day for you, your only concern should be to enjoy, have fun and create unique memories that will remain forever in your memory, the organization leave it to us.

Event agency in Seville

In order for the organization of events to be a success, you must first know the objectives you have set yourself when organizing this event and which audience it is aimed at.Is it a congress for professionals in your sector? A party for friends and family? Do you want to launch a new product and make yourself known as a brand?It is essential to know what the central theme of the whole event will be, what your motivation is. This allows us to give more personality to the event.Once we know what kind of event you want to organize, it is easier to give you advice and manage each of the details that will make your event unique and personalized, aimed at achieving the goal you have set.As an event agency in Seville we care about putting all the technology, management, advice and creativity at your disposal so that your event has everything you need to make it what you really dreamed of.

Organization of business events

We want you to be able to enjoy yourself and, thanks to our work, make the purpose for which the event was intended a reality.We offer you all kinds of activities from organizing congresses, sports and musical events, to outdoor activities that will allow you to help your team unite and work together to achieve a common goal.Outdoor adventure activities or private parties and conventions, whatever idea you have in mind you just have to propose it and we will make it a reality.The most important thing for a company is to have a united team, working together to achieve a common goal: the success of the work for which the company was thought and designed.To achieve the unity of the staff, the best thing is to organize activities in which everyone can participate.Workshops to develop their work and social skills, company parties in which they can relate and get to know each other better by strengthening ties, or congresses and seminars that help them to improve their skills at work by increasing the possibility of achieving positive results.In T&T Events, we offer your company the organization and integral management of business events with the maximum efficiency when creating activities that make the members of your team work as one.

Organization of private events in Malaga

The organization of private events gives us many joys because, each one of them is different and allows us to be creative and original getting totally exclusive events and parties designed to meet the needs of our customers.When organizing a private event you have to take into account different points to achieve a unique event, with every detail planned to the millimeter to be perfect and with a tight budget.The team at T&T Events is prepared to give you the personalised attention you are looking for. We advise you, we look for the best places for your event, we worry about the decoration, the invitations and even the security if necessary.We take care that no element that is important to you is missing, with high quality results that will be above your own expectations.

Organization of congresses in Málaga

The organization of congresses aims to bring together, in the same place, different professionals from the sector to explain and discuss a fundamental topic for the development of their work.On many occasions, these congresses need a particular and well-defined space in which a large number of people can meet together with those who will lead the event and the speakers.The logistics necessary for a successful congress requires a lot of planning in advance, both in terms of the place where it will be held, available dates, the number of people who will attend, necessary furniture and all this within a well designed and thought out budget.With the help of a congress organisation company in Malaga, such as T&T Events, coordinating the whole organisation and visiting the different locations that might be available, and which are part of the viable options, is much easier.You will always have a team of professionals who will be at your disposal to advise you throughout the duration of the project.

Conference Organisation in Marbella

The staging is one of the subjects that, our work of organizing congresses in Marbella, must be taken into account when organizing a congress.From the moment that the guests and speakers are in the room, the decoration will allow the attendees to be imbued with the professional atmosphere that such an event demands, allowing them to enter into the fascinating world that the theme of the congress presents.That the place where the congress is held is well decorated and that there is enough space for the comfort of all attendees, is part of our work as an event agency, you just have to be aware that the contents of the program are appropriate.Corporate Event Agency Branding is something very important for every company, thanks to this technique it is possible to launch a brand image or improve the one you already have.Our event agency is an expert in organizing corporate events for companies.We design your corporate identity to help you stand out from your direct competitors.Ask for advice without any obligation.

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TT Events is your event management agency.

We are an agency specialized in the Management, Organization and Production of all kind of events. Emphasizing the Organization of Congresses, Conventions, Meetings, Incentives and Private Events.

In T&T Events we live each project with the passion and enthusiasm of the first day, adding the experience accumulated over many years. During this time, our work has always been characterized by a great professionalism and by the exhaustive care of all kinds of details.

Our main concern is to offer an exclusive and quality service,
thus managing to achieve the objectives set, while establishing long-lasting, long-term relationships with our customers.


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